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Birding in Thailand
13 Febr. - 1 March
Many colourful birds
Flycatchers and many more


KENYA - Safari
Birding spectacular!
Mammals with close viewing
Great accommodation
The very best local guides
Good transport, great value


ECUADOR - August
Birding at it's best..
The Amazon & The Andes
Hummingbirds to Trogons
Mountains to rain forest
A true birding adventure


We are planning a recce tour to the Land Of The Midnight Sun.


Come and join us in the most northern region of Norway, Finnmark, for one of the most spetacular sights in the birding year in Europe. We are travelling to Varanger Peninsular where we will stay for 5 nights to see, not only the millions of breeding seabirds on the steep cliffs of the northern coastline bordering the Artic Ocean, but also the tundra birds of the central region which is dominated by mires and moors. Veranga has the highest density of arctic and tundra birds in mainland Europe.
On the Peninsular we will look for Red-Necked Phalarope, Harlequin Duck, Spectacled Eider, Great Spotted Eagle, Semipalmated Plover, Short-tailed Dowitcher, Stilt Sandpiper, Buff-Bellied Pipit, and of course White-Tailed Eagle amongst the .many artic waders, skuas and auks.


We then move to Pasnik Valley for 4 nights which is just to the south of Varanger for completely different habitats and the chance to see Waxwing, Great Grey, Northern Hawk and Short-Eared Owls, Rough-Legged Buzzard and Merlin in and around the birch and pine forests.
The Pasvik River flows from Finland to its outlet at Kirkenes, which is our arrival and departure point from Oslo. The shallow parts of the Pasvik are most important birding areas with more than 200 species being recorded in and around the Reserve. We have the opportunity to see Goldeneye, Red-Breasted Mergansa, Goosander, Smew, and with luck we may also see Artic Warbler,and Little Bunting in the moist birch forests. Pine Grosbeak, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Siberian Tit, and Bluetail are also possible.


We are planning this recce to take place in the mid-May to Mid-June period. If you are interested in joining us please contact us for more information.

We would be delighted to welcome you

Birding in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

INDIA - Bird & Wildlife Spectacular
Simply a must do tour..
2 consecutive tours
Fauna, Flora & Culture
Options to visit Taj Mahal
Relaxed river rides
See Corbett National Park
Game Drives for Tiger
Visit Himalayan Foothills
See Keoladeo National Park

A Birding & Wildlife Heaven

A Real Adventure

...Unbeatable Value


MOROCCO - Bird a special place
So near to Europe & yet...

Easy access via Marrakech

We bird and view the High Atlas

Go to the end of the road

& into the Sahara Desert

Witness bird migration

See specialist birds

Larks & Wheatear species

Search for Houbara Bustard

Specialist birds & birding

We are true veterans of Morocco

A Great Value Destination...


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