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January 2012
Dear Pieter,

We wish all our many friends a very peaceful and healthy New Year.

And... a very big thank you to all our readers and friends for your support and continuing interest throughout 2011, it is always appreciated and your feedback has been so very important to us.

We have plenty to plan for during 2012 and some very exciting projects coming up, so again let us know if you have any bright ideas on so far undiscovered destinations by us. A couple of tours in the making are a direct result of your suggestions i.e. A flower tour to the province of Yunnan in China, which of course will also look at birds and nature in general and a photography tour to Brazil, focusing on the Pantanal, both promise to be exciting prospects. More details below.

Travelling Together as Friends! Your news update...

We hope, like us, you will be recovering from the festivities and family gatherings. It is always good to spend some time with family and friends over the holidays, but it is also a good time for us to reflect on the year passed and focus on the New Year ahead.

Pieter returned from our first tour to Brazil with around 12,000 photographs to process, I can only image the mammoth undertaking this involves! Of course it is important to have records of all the birds and locations we visit, not least to help us illustrate trip reports and web pages, so we can provide you with pictures and hopefully wet your appetite for the tours. Pieter's efforts can be viewed on our newly constructed web pages for Brazil, see HERE

Peter had a pretty hectic schedule during the autumn months with tours to Botswana and Israel, the latter was by invitation and proved to be a huge success, to give you an idea Peter managed 202 bird species in just 5 days, simply amazing. He has managed time to write an article on the Israel trip for the government there and reproduced it on our website, for those with an interest please read the article HERE

The Botswana Recce Tour proved to be a great success for us and encouraged us to go ahead with another tour. An advantage of these recce tours is to allow us to get acquainted with local sites, guides, accommodation and travelling conditions. With so many of you always willing to come along on these trips, it is really helpful when making decisions to have your opinions. We have made our final adjustments and now the 2012 tour details are finalised, see the new tour details HERE

Another tour to get its final update is the spectacular Flower and Plant tour to Yunnan in China. Not just a paradise for plants, but also extremely good for other wildlife including some mouth watering bird species. The tour is to be led by Roger Marchant, a great enthusiast and keen wildlife photographer. For the plant lover, Roger read Botany at University College London and is not just well qualified to introduce you to the plants of this area, but is also a great communicator. For details of this new tour please see HERE

We have a full tour itinerary for 2012 and hope you might spare some time to browse our plans on the Worldwide Birding Tours website and of course we remain extremely active on our day tours here in Spain, so we very much hope you can join us and we look forward to welcoming you during the coming year.

Our 'at a glance' Tour Diary - click on destination for full tour details

Our Nature Tours Tour starts Nights price €*

The Gambia 13 January 10 1.650

Thailand*** 29 January 20 3.600

Costa Rica 02 February 13 3.000**

Morocco (desert area) 19 March 10 1.795

China - Yunnan                          16 April               14         2.790

China - Sichuan 09 May 12 2.950

Ecuador 17 August 11 2.360**

Spain - Andalucía 06 September 7 1.295

Morocco (coastal area) 14 September 9 1.695

Spain - Raptor migration 15 September 6 1.195

Brazil 28 September   13         3.250

Botswana 29 October 13 3.950

Kenya 02 November 11 2.825**

India (north of Delhi) 14 November 11 1.930**

India (south of Delhi) 24 November 12 2.470**

Special for photographers

Spain - Photographers paradise  22 April 7 1.480

Day Tours in Spain prices vary, please see each tour for details.


Serrania de Ronda

Winter Breaks
Walking in Flowers

Granada - Sierra Loja


* p.p. based on shared accommodation
** This price can fluctuate depending on the exchange rate (applied is 1,40 $/€) to US$.
*** Recce tours


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Our warmest best wishes,

Peter and Pieter
Birding in Thailand
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Brazil - Pantanal
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