Tour Introduction : Kenya - a Lifetime Experience

Facts and Travel tips

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Official Name: Republic of Kenya (Jamhuri ya Kenya)
Capital:Nairobi - population 2,14 m (1999 census)
Head of State: President Mwai Kibaki
National Currency
Kenyan Shilling. The shillling is freely exchangable.
Most major facilities accept major credit cards
Ethnic Groups
13 Ethnic groups, although there are a further 27 smaller groups. Most Kenyans belong to Bantu tribes such as the Kikuyu (22%), Luhya (14%) and Kamba (11%).
The Luo (13%) are of Nilotic origin, as are the smaller Kalenijn (12%), Maasai, Turkana and others.
Somalis and the nomadic Hamitic people (Turkana, Rendille and Samburu) live in the North; Kamba and Maasai people are concentrated in the South and Eastern lowlands; the Luo live around Lake Victoria; Asian,
European and Arab - 1%.

English and Swahili (official languages), KiSwahili is the lingua franca addition. Most tribes have their own language.
English is universally used in business, and spoken by most people in the tourist industry. Other languages are Gikuyu. Kiluhya, Dholuo, Kikamba, Maasai and Somali.

Christian - 66%;Indigenous belliefs - 26%;Muslims - 7%;
others - 1%.

Anti-malarial prophylactics should be taken before, during and after your visit to Kenya, especially if you visit the Coast. Good medical facilities are available in the major cities.
Yellow Fever and Cholera are required only for visitors arriving from countries where these diseases are endemic. Check with your Embassy and/or local heath office for more details.
Membership with groups such as the Flying Doctors is also recommended. Best of Kenya includes Flying Doctor emergency evacuation coverage in all of our safaris, unless otherwise stated.
Hotels, camps and lodges should provide either bottled water, or filtered water for drinking.
Please do not drink the tap water!
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Energy Provision
220 - 240 Volts AC. Plugs are the UK-type, round 2 pin, or flat 3 pin

Telephone, fax and some email services are available, though prone to difficulties. Most resorts, lodges and camps will have at least radio link with their primary offices. In the mayor cities on the coast, international direct dialling should be available, if a little costly

Informal. lightweight clothing is recommended. Mornings and evenings can be cool at altitude, so bring a sweater or cardigan. A hat is highly recommended due to the sun. On the Kenya coast, ladies are expected to dress modestly in public. Nude or topless sunbathing is not only illegal, but also affects the sensibilities of the Muslim community.

Getting to Kenya
Kenya is well served by major international airlines, which fly into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi) or Moi International Airport (Mombasa). Mombasa is a popular charter destination from most major European cities.

Visa information
We strongly recommend you check with the nearest Kenya Embassy or Tourist Office to ensure you have the most up to date visa information.

Leaving Kenya
An airport departure tax of US$ 40 p.p., or its equivalent, is payable when leaving Kenya. This fee is often included in your international airfare, unless stated otherwise. Please check with your agent when purchasing your international tickets. A local departure tax of Kshs 200 (approx US$ 2,50) p.p., per flight is payable for internal flights.

Kenya Facts and Travel Tips

Tour Map of Kenya

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Kenya Main Tour Info

  • Tour dates
    1st - 12th of June 2018
  • Price 2016
    US$ 6.400 p.p.
    US$ 800 single supplement
  • Deposit
    20% of the tourprice
  • Includes
    All accommodation, all meals , transport, full-time guides, Nature reserves entrance fees, airport transfers.
  • Excludes
    Flights, insurance and personal costs.
  • Tour party
    Minimum 4, maximum 8 fellow travellers


Kenya Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1 - Fairview Hotel - Arrival in Nairobi, hotel transfer
  • Day 2 - Fairview Hotel - Birding and Game watching in Nairobi National Park
  • Day 3 - Serena Mountain Lodge - Birding during the transfer and around the Lodge
  • Day 4 - Sambura Serena Lodge - Birding during the transfer
  • Day 5 - Sambura Serena Lodge - Birding and Game watching in Samburu National Park
  • Day 6 - Sambura Serena Lodge - Birding and Game watching in Samburu National Park
  • Day 7 - Naro Moru River Lodge - Transfer to Aberdares N.P, birding and Game watching
  • Day 8 - Lake Baringo Country Club - Transfer to lake Baringo, birding and Game watching
  • Day 9 - Lake Baringo Country Club - Birding and Game watching around the lake
  • Day 10 - Sarova Lion Hill Lodge - Transfer to Nakuru National Park (Lake Nakuru)
  • Day 11 - Sarova Lion Hill Lodge - Birding and Game watching in Nakuru National Park
  • Day 12 - Transfer to Nairobi / Departure

Martial Eagle

Soaring over Africa


Latest Trip Report of Kenya

Spekes-Weaver1In August 2009 Worldwide Birding Tours undertook its first birding tour to Kenya.
The Itinerary had been set-up in close collaboration with our ground-agent in Kenya and now the moment had arrived to experience if our high expectations would come true.
We started in Nairobi, going north to Mount Kenya and the Samburu National Reserve. Continuing with Lake Nakuru, to see the Famous Pink Coloured spectacle of the thousands of Lesser Flamingos.
Spending time to visit Lake Baringo and Lake Naivasha and finally ending with a 4 days stay in the Masai Mara to experience the migration of the Blue Wildebeest. Interested to read more about our experiences?

Tour Leader/Trip Report
: Pieter Verheij
Local Guide : Joseph Mwang

Day One – August 3rd - Arrival at Nairobi Airport – Fairview Hotel.

The group arrived in the evening of the 3rd all together at Nairobi airport. Unfortunately one of the suitcases was missing. The completion of all necessary formalities took some hours, and ...

Read more ...

Meet your Tour Guides for Kenya

joseph1Joseph Mwangi is our senior ornithological and wildlife guide in Kenya. His vast experience of 12 years as a guide in this country has been of great benefit to our company and the many clients fortunate enough to have met him. Not only does Joseph work with Worldwide Birding Tours, but has become a friend to us and those who have gone on safari with him.
Tour leader: Each tour will have a representative of Worldwide Birding Tours to accompany it, ensuring attention to detail and fulfilling our pledge not to send you on holiday, but to take you.
Born in Central province of Kenya, Joseph's interest in birding came way back in 1992-1995 (a real hidden talent) whilst he was in secondary school. This saw Joseph joining with the Geographical Club (where he became chairman) and later joined the tourism college, these interests saw his talent as a leading bird guide grow and later he joined Nature Kenya, a society that in Kenya deals with matters pertaining to Birds, Flowers, Plants, Entomology and in the general conservation of Nature. Joseph is also a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) and holds a Bronze Medal.
His birding safaris have been recognized as amongst the best in Kenya and his reputation grows as does the list of the contented clients who have done bird safaris with him.