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1 China - Sichuan in June 2011 Thursday, 21 July 2011

China - Sichuan Province of four streams

Tour dates 9th - 21st of May
After a very successfull trip this year we have chosen to visit the Sichuan Province in 2013 again.
Sichuan lies at the eastern edge of the Tibetan High Plateau and south of the Qinlin Mountain Range. There are about 650 species of birds recorded in Sichuan. Most are resident, some are summer visitors and some are migrants. Sichuan features 37 endemic bird species which comprises almost two thirds of the endemic birds of the whole of China. Game birds and laughing thrushes rank top of Sichuan’s "specialty" birds. Not only does Sichuan offer the best opportunities for seeing China’s prime specialties, but due to the great diversity of its habitats, ranging from the subtropical lowlands of the Red Basin and rich evergreen foothill forests to cool temperate zone forests, alpine meadows and dramatic snow-capped mountain peaks, the province has a remarkable wealth of birds in general.


Birds of China
The famous Parrot-bills
Several species to be seen
Besides good birds
comfortable accommodation
& fine Sichuan cuisine
Birding in China
Sichuan Province bird heaven
Stunning scenery
A really different experience
We only go with small groups
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