Hyacinth-MacawThe Pantanal is one of the largest wetlands in the world, encompassing approximately 210.000 kmĀ² spread over Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. During the rainy season from the end of October through March this area floods and plant life explodes. Then in April as the waters recede, the birds return in vast numbers and variety. Due to the wide-open areas between patches of forest, birds can be easily seen.
There are around 600 species of birds, 95 of mammals, and 50 of reptiles within this ecosystem.
In the early morning and evening visitors can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of thousands of birds flying.
The Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria) is commonly seen here and has become the animal symbol of the Pantanal.
Macaws abound within this area. This is one of the last places where the largest hook bill, the endangered Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) can be seen daily.

Special CommentIt goes without saying that all our accommodation is of the usual very high standard, as with all Worldwide Birding Tours. This tour is relaxed and recommended if comfort and easy pace is required.

JabiruWe have carefully chosen 4 different locations to observe the wonders of this magnificent destination. We will visit the Serra das Araras where we hope to see the Harpy Eagle and several other wonderful species. The Pantaneiro (a sandy track with many wooden bridges) is the only road into the real Pantanal. All lodges are situated along this road. We have selected 3 different places with different habitats to have the best chance to see a wide variety of birds and wildlife. We have included Porto Jofre to give us the best options to see the magnificent Jaguar

We offer the possibility to extend this trip with a visit to the remaining parts of the Atlantic Forest, visiting the part close to the ever expanding city of Sao Paulo. The forests are under intense pressure from development and is disappearing. It is therefore no surprise that many of the forest's birds are rare and endangered. A visit is still very rewarding with many endemic's to be seen. We will stay in 2 different lodges with an important difference in altitude and habitats.

All our guests always have regular options, either join-in with the tour group birding/plant viewing or opt-out and enjoy your own company. You, the client, have choices unlike with so many other group tours!

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