Costa Rica is one of the richest countries in the world for birds. More bird species have been recorded here than in the whole of North America yet the country is only the size of a small State! This Holiday Birding Tour has been organised to cover most of the best birding areas and aims to visit as wide a range of bird habitats as possible. Of course such a diversity of habitats will also produce diversity of wild flowers, orchids, butterflies and amphibians. The scenery is stunning and sure to add an extra ingredient to make this special holiday one to remember!

Special CommentIt goes without saying that all our accommodation is of the usual very high standard as all Worldwide Birding Tours. This tour is relaxed and recommended if comfort and easy pace is required.

Not only does Costa Rica have coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean), but forest types ranging from dry deciduous forests in the lowlands to lush evergreen cloud forests Lineated-Woodpeckerin the highlands. It also has rivers, marshes, swamps and subalpine paramo.

Costa Rica is an all round destination, good food, great accommodation, scenically beautiful, fantastic wildlife and wonderfully friendly people. It always amazes our guests how varied a landscape such a small country offers and the diversity of birds reflect the great range of habitats present. If you haven’t yet been then go or at least put it on your life’s wish list!

By way of relaxing before and after our main tour,  you can book an extra night prior to the start and at the end of our birding tour. We use the Hotel Bougainvillea in San Jose as our start and end point. We thoroughly recommend this hotel, set within its own grounds, beautifully landscaped and with several birds and plants to interest those given to strolling through gardens at their own pace. For prices see the Main Tour Info in the right column

All our guests always have regular options, either join-in with the tour group birding and wildlife viewing or opt-out and enjoy your own company. You, the client, have choices unlike with so many other group tours!

Reserving your place is both easy and inexpensive!