greatbustard1This is our first tour to Hungary and we will be visiting the North-East of this country where within very short distances from our hotels we will be able to visit mountains, forests, rivers, marshes and most importantly the steppe of Eastern Europe.
 We have planned this "recce" around two areas and will be staying in only two hotels. The areas are the woods and forests of the Zemplen Hills and the open plains, rivers and marshes of Hortobagy National Park

Special CommentIt goes without saying that all our accommodation is of the usual very high standard as all Worldwide Birding Tours. This tour is relaxed and recommended if comfort and easy pace is required.

bluethroatSome target species are: Great Bustard, Saker Falcon on the plains and Ural Owl and Eagle Owl in the woodlands. See the tour description below for a more extended list.

We have not neglected the cultural side of this ancient cultured country as we will visit the wine growing area of Tokaj where we will have a traditioal wine tasting dinner in a local restraurant.
As we are near to Budapest we can arrange an extension for those of you who would wish to spend a few days sightseeing in this most beautiful of cities.

All our guests always have regular options, either join-in with the tour group birding and wildlife viewing or opt-out and enjoy your own company. You, the client, have choices unlike with so many other group tours!

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