Morocco_Intro_BirdingThere is no doubt; Morocco is an accessible and exciting destination for birdwatching! Direct flights from most major airports throughout Europe make getting there easy and inexpensive. Birding in this exotic country is rewarding and an experience, with several prime species not present in Europe. We are veteran tour leaders here having led almost 20 tours for birdwatching holidays throughout Morocco, so our experience can lead you to areas discovered by us and produce such species as Desert Sparrow, Cream-coloured Courser and Brown-necked Raven. We travel the coastal areas during the autumn and in the spring we go on safari, travelling across the High Atlas to the deeper regions of the Sahara Desert, migrating birds join other great species during both seasons and we have a good record for finding such sought after species as Blue-cheeked Bee eater, Bald Ibis, Houbara Bustard, Egyptian Nightjar and of course many lark species including our favourite Hoopoe Lark. Of course we also do short break holidays on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco and these can be convenient for those wishing to combine Spain with this African destination.