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Botswana - Africa's most beautiful Wilderness

Tour dates 29th October - 11th November

africa_intro_botswanaWe have now, finally, designed our first tour to Botswana – Africa’s most beautiful Wilderness. Its such an exciting tour, we will visit the Central Kalahari, going through the Okavango Delta and ending up at the Victoria Falls. For wildlife, Botswana is one the very best areas in Africa and also the birding is magnificent. To get the best out of this birding and wildlife Safari, we have chosen a “luxury (mobile) camping safari”. Its great fun with our camp being taken down and put up by our staff, at a different location, every second or third day. Our travels will be by open game drive vehicles and for longer distances by chartered small aeroplanes. We are so looking forward to this safari and feel sure that it will be an exciting experience for everyone who accompanies us.

Only a few places are available, so why not join us?


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