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Ecuador - A dream for Nature Lovers


In this Birding Holiday we will stay in the subtropical zones on the lower slopes of the Andes.
The western subtropical zone is an easy zone to do bird watching, with good forest remaining alongside the roads. The eastern subtropics are less well-known but even more bio diverse than the subtropics of the west. The eastern sub-tropics feature amazing tanagers and hummingbirds. The eastern subtropics are also a good place to see the Crested Quetzal and Torrent Duck. Above the forested slopes of the Andes lies a rolling grassland called "paramo." Here the birds are refreshingly easy to see and quite distinct from those of other zones. This is the place to search the sky for Andean Condor, the Andean Snipe and Tawny Antpitta.
As an extension a 5 nights/6 days tour to the Amazonia can be booked. Staying in Napo Wildlife Center you will get the very best of steamy tropical lowlands of the Ecuadorian Amazon


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