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The winter is long and cold in Iceland, despite its wealth of geothermal springs, hot mud pools, fumaroles and general volcanic activity. By the end of May, however, the thaw is all but over and the island’s breeding birds are engaged in frenetic activity, trying to make the most of the short summer to raise their young. We aim to be there to catch a glimpse of some of that activity, at one of the world’s classic birding destinations, where the expression “it’s quality, not quantity that counts” has never been truer.
People visit Iceland hoping for an awesome birding experience set in a stunning volcanic landscape – moss-covered lava fields, volcano cones, snowcapped mountains, spectacular waterfalls, basalt sea cliffs - and that is what they get. Then they also appreciate Iceland for its friendly, relaxed people, and good food and hospitality.
In terms of birds some of the star attractions include Barrow’s Goldeneye and Harlequin Duck at their only breeding grounds in Europe; majestic White-tailed Eagles and Gyrfalcons; seething seabird colonies with Atlantic Puffins, Thick-billed Murre (Brünnich’s Guillemot), Black Guillemots and more; roadside Rock Ptarmigans, Common Loons (Great Northern Diver) and Horned (Slavonian) Grebes; spinning Red- necked Phalaropes and Grey Phalaropes; Snow Buntings; geese and swans. Then there are mammals too - whales and seals – as well as the very photogenic Icelandic horses.

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